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That apron tho.

I need all of these things.

I don’t even cook and I want all of these things.

OMG!!! I want all the things! notnumbersix It’s a King Kong whisk!!! :D

The King Kong whisk!!

May I humbly submit, though, that you should skip the egg thing and just use your fingers? Soooo much easier.

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We aren’t sure how it happened, but Godzilla appears to have gotten stuck while walking through the gardens of Tokyo Midtown. He’s only visible from about the waist up (Godzilla has a waist, right?) along with a portion of his tail. But at 6.6 meters (~22 feet) tall, he’s still an awesome sight to behold, even more so at night when the lights and smoke machines turn on. And then the spikes on back light up as well, as though a surge of electricity is traveling down them. So awesome!

This statue was built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the original Godzilla as well as the Japanese release of the new Godzilla film. The King of the Monsters will be stuck in this Tokyo Midtown park until the end of August. So if you’ve ever wanted to give him a hug, now’s your chance.

Photos 1-3 by Héctor García, 4-6 by Zan Woo.

[via Kuriositas and Kotaku]

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